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  3. With copy jobs, if the last incremental becomes corrupt, the next run may attempt to perform a full copy of the VM over the WAN connection. In case of a large number of VM’s being effected, or a single large VM, it can sometimes be advisable to delete the incremental and start again.
  4. Unfortunately due to Backup copy jobs effectively using forward incrementals, simply deleting the last incremental will not work due to the .VBM file tracking all of the individual backup files. Unless the .VBM file matches the available VBK and VIB files in the repository, Veeam will throw an error and refuse to continue.
  5. In order to remove the incremental and allow Veeam to continue from the remaining retention points the VBM file will need to be updated. Unfortunately as the VBM file is in XML format, it would is not a simple task to edit. However there is a relatively simple way to recreate the VBM file referencing the remaining backup files by following the steps below:-
  6. Go to backups view in Veeam
  7. Remove backups (but not delete from disk)
  8. Log into Customers Veeam Repository
  9. Delete corrupted backup files and the VBM file
  10. Return to Veeam and re-import the VBK (It will auto find any incrementals)
  11. Run the following Veeam PowerShell script (Edit $BackupName First)
  12. PowerShell
  14. 1
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  18. 5
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  24. $BackupName = "<Name of Imported Backup>"
  25. $Backup = Get-VBRBackup -Name ($BackupName + "_imported")
  26. $VBMFile = "$env:UserProfile\Desktop\" + "$BackupName" + ".vbm"
  27. $Data = [Veeam.Backup.Core.CBackupMetaGenerator]::GenerateMeta($Backup)
  28. $Data.Serialize() | Out-File $VBMFile
  29. $xml = New-Object XML
  30. $xml.Load($VBMFile)
  31. $xml.BackupMeta.JobName = $BackupName
  32. $xml.Save($VBMFile)
  33. Remove-VBRBackup -Backup $Backup -Confirm:$false
  34. Copy new VBM file back to repository
  35. Remove Imported Backups from Veeam
  36. Rescan Veeam Repository to find completed Backup Chain
  37. Edit Backup Copy Job and Map backups to the Backup File
  38. It can be noted that steps 5 Onwards can also be used to seed a Backup Copy Job from just a VBK file if needed.
  39. Nick Fisk, 19/05/2014